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We have been a partner of hospitals and non-public healthcare institutions for many years. We comprehensively support the tendering processes of hospitals, supplying pharmacies and hospitals with:
– medical products,
– disposable equipment,
– dressing materials.

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Tender processes
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Preferential conditions
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Validated IT system
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Specialized staff
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Own warehouses
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Transport fleet

For years we have been cooperating with outpatient clinics and non-public healthcare institutions all over Poland.

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We invite to cooperation clinics, NZOZs, doctor’s surgeries

  • We systematically broaden our assortment offer
  • We ensure competitive business conditions
  • We employ a team of experienced sales representatives and employees of the Pharmacy Sales Department who know the market reality very well
  • We have a modern logistical base which meets all obligatory quality requirements

Clinics and NZOZs institutions

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Phone:  +48 22 311 65 52
Fax. +48 22 468 85 99

Target import (Name Patient Basis)

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We import medicinal products from abroad which do not have a trade permit in Poland.

Target Import (Name Patient Basis) involves importing medical products from abroad which do not have a marketing authorisation in Poland and are necessary to save patient’s life or health. Medical products imported from abroad are allowed to be marketed without the need to obtain an authorisation if:

  • their use is necessary to save the life or health of a patient
  • the medical product is authorised in the country from which it is imported
  • has a current marketing authorisation in the country from which it is imported
  • there can be no equivalent registered in Poland with the same active substance

The basis for importing a medical product is

  • a request from the hospital
  • the need of a doctor providing treatment outside the hospital, confirmed by a consultant in a given field of medicine, information concerning the patient’s disease

The medicine is imported by the wholesaler and the wholesaler determines the waiting time. The Minister of Health only gives permission for a medicine to be imported from abroad as a target import and has no influence on how quickly it is brought in.

Legal basis

Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 21 March 2012 on importing from abroad medical products which are necessary to save the life or health of a patient admitted to the market without the need to obtain a licence.

Regulation of the Minister of Health of 14 March 2012 on importing from abroad foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses which are necessary to save life or health.

Importer’s Warehouse

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Secure storage and delivery in 24 hours

We have storage areas suitable for storing medical products in both the 15-25 and 2-8 degree temperature ranges.

We have an adapted computer system and qualified, dedicated staff to operate the consignment warehouse.

We guarantee delivery of goods in Poland within 24 hours.

In 2013 Tramco Sp. z o.o. established the so-called “Importer’s Warehouse“.

This part of the activity covered by the authorisation to manufacture or import medical products no: 400/0424_01_01/04/15/17 enables the marketing of medical products manufactured outside the territory of the European Union in Poland.

A quality assurance system in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice is in place in the importer’s warehouse area. This fact was confirmed by the issuance of GMP certificate no: 400/0424_01_01/04/15/17 in January 2017. The current authorisation covers the import and certification of batches of terminally sterilised medical products.

In accordance with the requirements of the law in force, in order to properly market each batch of imported product, Tramco Sp. z o.o. employs a Qualified Person and cooperates with a high-class physicochemical and microbiological laboratory.

We are allowed to store and distribute medicinal products which requires special conditions of storage including blood products, immunological medicinal products, cold supply chain medicinal products below 8 ° C, cytostatic products, dangerous medicinal products, including flammable, volatile and corrosive, very potent medicinal products as defined in the relevant pharmacopoeia, medical devices, diet supplements, cosmetics.

From 1 January 2021, in connection with the launch of the System of Indirect Import Service (SOID), there have been changes concerning the issuance, confirmation and execution of requests for indirect import. The system makes it possible to issue orders for importing from abroad medicinal products necessary to save the life or health of a patient, referred to in Article 4(2) of the Act of 6 September 2001 – Pharmaceutical Law, as well as requests for importing foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses in accordance with art. 29a, sec. 2 of the Act of 25 August 2006 on food and nutrition safety. SOID enables the processing of submitted requests, collection by pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers of information about the processed requests and communication with the minister in charge of health concerning this area.

The system is available at:

In order to issue the demand, the doctor should set up an account in SOID. Below there is a link to a manual containing all the data on setting up accounts and issuing demand.